Video Chat For FacebookVideo chat for Facebook is our public hack app made to meet new people or existing friends right on their smartphones (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows PC, Apple Mac). The awesome option is that you can easily reach many new people from all over the world, because it has auto-translate function which is translating all chat messages from 50 different languages to your native one. So, dating with foreign people is now much easier then ever! And also you can have a video talk with all your old FB friends (if they use this APP too) directly from your mobile phone.

APP provides you 2 types of chat:
- Public chat. Place to meet new unknown friends.
- Friends chat. Window to talk with people from your friends list only.
You can add friends using Public chat, People search or invite your existing Facebook friends to use this APP.

Download Here
- Made for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows PC, Apple Mac

To enable to chat with your existing Facebook friends they need install this app too. In your Friends list will be only your friends who also use this tool. So if your list is empty it means that you should invite your friends to use this application.

To get an information from your FB account use Facebook API for developers which is able to access only public information from your profile (Age, Gender, Description and your public photos). Not your login password of course!

App does not receive any access to your account, password or any other personal information hidden from public access. Our tool can not do it because the Facebook API for developers does not allow that.

Facebook Hack tool by Progressive PST team

In public chat is strongly prohibited:
- Show nudity materials
- Sex conversations
- Going around bad words filter (Or harassing speech)
- Spamming someone (Sending same messages or links multiple times)

Violation of these rules will immediately get your account banned. So, do not download this app if you are looking just for sex as you will not find it here. Administrators are following the chat and have zero tolerance for violators.

NOTE: This is not an official Facebook app, but this name "Video chat for Facebook" hack app and domain name was just approved by Facebook legal department.

Reach friends right on their phones!
This is an option to have a video chat with all of your Facebook friends directly from your mobile phone, so you'll be in touch with them anytime at any place. No more delays in communication. You'd be always in touch and never miss things which are happening in your friend’s life right now!

Get and send messages fast
With our software communication with your friends will be much easier and faster. Messages are delivered immediately and communication is going in online mode. So if there is something interesting happening with you right now then you can simply show it to your friends using your mobile phone cam.

Meet old friends or find new ones
That's a great opportunity to talk with your old friends and even meet new people. At this moment thousands of members are using our app, so you can increase your FB friends list. More than 2000 boys and girls are online from different parts of the world and it makes this chat interesting and fun. Video chat for Facebook hack app is translated to 50 languages!


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